Is MovieBox Pro Safe & Legal? Or Is It Virus?

Who does not love watching movies and TV shows, especially when you do not have to spend any money for it? That is exactly what Moviebox Pro offers. It has the widest range of movies and TV shows to watch and you do not have to drain your wallet to do so. But is the application safe and legal? Or is it putting you in danger? Let us have a look.

Is MovieBox Pro Safe

 Is The MovieBox legal?

 Technically, Moviebox Pro is not legal because they are streaming licensed content for free. Moreover the users do not have any affiliation with the application and hence they will not take any responsibility for the privacy issues which might occur while using the app.

 Another thing to remember is that whenever any app is completely free, it seems shady and there might be data leaking and manipulation or advertising. Because there has to be something to back up the free service. But Moviebox Pro does not charge any money and they do not show ads as well. But the sources from where the users download the free content or stream them, our kind of questionable.

 The application uses P2P torrents to provide TV shows and movies and usually all the pirated content on the web is transferred using torrent files. And since Moviebox Pro uses pirated torrents to provide the movies and the shows, it cannot be considered as a totally legal service.

Is Moviebox Pro safe?

Moviebox Pro can collect user data in information and according to the privacy policy, you can also share your information to Federal agencies. When you log in to the app using your gmail id, it can access your Gmail account and other basic info. Since it is not a legal service, it can collect user data which is a serious breach of privacy.

Moviebox Pro app is a modded app version of the Moviebox app, which is completely free and allows you to watch and download premium content. The app is secure and the premium version also allows you to remove any annoying ads. But when it comes to the MOD application, it uses pirated content to allow the user to achieve Premium free experience.

Moreover anyone can modify modded applications and distribute them. So it is possible that they might attach a malicious file along with the application which might extract your personal data. However if your device is updated to the latest version, it will detect malicious files and you will be notified regarding that.


 Coming to the final verdict, the Moviebox Pro is not legal but it might not be entirely unsafe to use it. It is still a great option to watch movies and TV shows for free but it is essential that you keep an eye on your privacy and security risks when you access this application.

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