Why is Moviebox Pro Not Working? Here Is How To Fix

Watching your favourite movies online is definitely a lot of fun and when you can watch them for free, it’s like a cherry on a cake. Watching movies has been made extremely simple with the help of technology and Moviebox Pro is one of those entertainment apps which lets you watch an unlimited array of movies and TV shows without spending any money.

Other than being compatible with Android and iOS, this application is also compatible on Windows, Mac and Linux OS.

 However many cases have come up in the past few months where users have reported that they are facing issues and it has been happening regardless of the source they are downloading the app from.

Why is Moviebox Pro Not Working

For some the app isn’t getting downloaded on their iOS phone, for some it is showing there are no movies or shows on the app, for some the app isn’t loading and more. 

Even though no fixed solution has been found yet regarding the issues, there are some tricks you could try to fix the issues. They might be able to solve the issue in some cases. 

  • Restarting Moviebox

In case your Moviebox application isn’t working, you need to force stop it and restart the application. You can also turn off your device and restart it again which can achieve proper performance of the app. This is a simple solution in case your Moviebox application doesn’t work. 

  • Reinstalling Moviebox. 

In case turning on the application isn’t working, you can also try uninstalling the app and reinstalling the latest version again. You will also find some APK files to download for a smooth experience. 

  • Adjusting the time of your device. 

Sometimes an error may occur on Moviebox that it is not working when the security certificate expires. In this case you can bypass it by changing the time of the device. First go to the settings menu of your device and navigate to the date and time settings. Try to set the previous time and date and restart the application.

  • Try using a VPN service.

Sometimes you may encounter issues where your video is not downloading, server is crashing, etc. It might be because that particular movie is not available in your region. In that case, you can use a VPN service to override your IP address and browse using that. There are many VPN providers offering free services, all you need to do is select the one of your choice and you’re all set!


These are some of the ways how your Moviebox not running issue might be solved. However, these tricks might not be able to solve every type of issue. In case your Moviebox issue is not getting solved at all, you can switch to other alternatives like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Gourd, etc. Good luck!

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